welding  and  custom  fabrication  shop



we  can  do  many  types  of  repairs  for  a  wide  variety  of  clientele

extending from:    Agriculture / Farm    to   manufacturing  companies    to    homeowners.

And Everything in between! 


We  also  specialize  in  custom  fabrication  projects

just a few examples of items we can make are pictured or listed below:


  wheeled  carts  


CUstom  Handrails  for  businesses  or  homes


custom  made  flatbeds  for  trucks


finish  lines for  offroad  ATV  races,  


custom  gates or Cages


  If  you  have  an  idea,  we  would  love  for  you  to  give  us  a  call or send us an email



Also availabile in the shop  

hydraulic  hoses   


b&w  trailer  hitches   

Available for:    purchase    or     Purchase and Installation


We   also keep  a  large  assortment  of  metal  on  hand

 available to purchase for your personal projects



gallery/barn door
gallery/cattle guard 2
gallery/cattle guard 2

Custom Driveway Cattle Guard

gallery/log trailer

 Timber  Trailer  Rebuild

 Custom  flatbeds

gallery/gold cart2

Barndoor Hardware

gallery/tractor bucket (2)

Skid Loader Bucket Repair

Golf Cart Alteration

This customer needed there Golf Cart to fit in their race trailer for easy transport to the race track.  We made the roof so it could easily be lowered to fit in the trailer and then raised back up when they reached the track.


Race Finish Line

Extreme Cross Country Racing Series ask us to build a finsh line that would attach to the side of their trailer for easy transport to and from races and then unfold at the race track.  We are very pleased with the final results! 

Wishing Good Luck and Safe Racing to the Entire Extreme XC Racing Crew and Racers!


B&W Hitch


Recent Projects