Raw Steel and Aluminum Products

Our Materials Meet Your Ideas

Our Materials Meet Your Ideas

Our shop has raw steel for sale for people in Crawfordsville, New Market, IN and surrounding Areas

Looking for raw steel or aluminum to use in an upcoming project? Your metalworking experts at New Market Welding proudly serve Crawfordsville, New Market, IN and surrounding Areas. And we can make it easy to get started with aluminum and raw steel for sale.

We keep sheet metal, plate and expanded metal on hand at all times. When you call or visit our store on 107 Main Street, we'll let you know what we have in stock. If we don't have the material you need or you're looking for higher quantities than we have available, we can order the desired metal for delivery within 2 days.

To learn more about our work as an aluminum products supplier, send us a message today.

Go with the local pros for your metal needs

New Market Welding can order metal for all of your DIY projects. Montgomery County residents like you have bought metal from us to build cars, fix farm equipment or complete construction projects. We can make orders for more specialized requests like flat or tube metal, aluminum and stainless steel.

We're proud to be New Market, IN's local aluminum products supplier and offer our products at competitive rates compared to the big box stores. Before turning to a large chain store to take on your next project, see what we have to offer.

Call us at 765-866-0436 to find out more about our metal materials and raw steel for sale.